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Jul 24, 2015 – Very Professional and Experienced
January 2020
I would like to say what a pleasure it is to work with Annestelle Maes, from Keller Williams! Not only does she always approach her areas of expertise with you on a professional level, she will devote herself to you 110 percent until your needs are accomplished! Her list of credentials are a mile long, as she always makes time for continuing her education and is always staying currant with today’s market. If you are working with a budget, she will stay within that budget for you. It’s literally “all about YOU” Annestelle has access to everything you need for the sale of your house and the best way to profit, to choosing the million dollar home of your dreams to anything YOU need to make that happen…all with a friendly and positive attitude!! I highly recommend this woman who grew up in a small town and oozes that small-town charm. She’s a Mother, Wife and friend to many, and always finds the time to do it all. You cant go wrong with her leading and guiding you through your real estate needs.
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